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Harbour Primary

Year 5

Year 5

 Year 5 are taught by

Miss Alice Kelly (Dolphins)

Mr Nick Jacques (Manatees)

Mrs Liz Geering (Narwhals)

 and are supported by

Mrs Jenny Bassett

Miss Carly Porritt 

Term 1

Our first topic in Year 5 is the Vikings. We learn about where the vikings come from and how their arrival affected life in Britain. We will be exploring the reasons they came and their influence on our language and culture as we know it today. We will be creating beautiful watercolour artwork depicting viking longships in a stormy sea landscape, using the watercolour skills learnt over the course of the term. To link with our topic, our class book is "How to Train your Dragon", which we will use as inspiration to write adventure narratives and advertisements for their chose dragon products. 


Our science topic this term is space, where we will be exploring the solar system, its planets, the moon and its phases. 


Term 2

Our second topic this year is Africa. We will be learning about different types of African habitats and the animals that live in them; we will also be comparing various aspects of everyday life such as schools and marriage celebrations. Our class book is 'The White Giraffe' by Lauren St John, which will be inspiring our adventure narratives and reading comprehension lessons. 


In science, we will be focussing on forces. We will be investigating the forces of gravity and friction through practical, group experiments. We will also be investigating air resistance by making parachutes for lego men. 




Term 3

During Term 3, our topic is Victorians.


The children enjoy finding out what life was like in Victorian times and study the changes in industry and the influence of the British Empire on modern society. We look closely at the division between rich and poor, and what life was like for working children. In art, we make William Morris inspired screen prints and learn the skills involved in creating effective positive and negative prints. 


In Science, we study materials, focusing on their properties and how those properties allow us to develop useful technologies. We conduct investigations into waterproof materials and those materials which insulate heat and sound.

Term 4

In term 4 our topic is a geography investigation into the Pacific Ring of Fire. This will include developing our understanding of the earth's geological structure and the way that is has changed throughout time. We will also consider the effect of natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis, which are more common in areas such as the Ring of Fire, on human communities that live in that region. 


Our book for this term is 'Boy at the Back of the Class' which will form the basis for multiple writing pieces such as narratives, diary  entries and a newpaper article linked to an event in the book. The book will explore themes of migration, refugees and cultural identity.


In DT we will be using the school's kitchen facilities to book or bake a middle-eastern inspired dish, based on a character in the class book.

Term 5

Our topic this term is about Ancient Greece. We will be exploring the significance of Ancient Greece on today's society, exploring their influence in science, maths, philosophy, language and art. We will also be investigating what life was like in Ancient Greece, and how this varied across the country among the different islands. We will focus closely on Greek Mythology and how this tied into their beliefs, drawing upon this in our writing lessons, where they write their own Greek Myth inspired narrative. Our class book will be 'Percy Jackson and The Lightning thief' a modern twist on Greek Mythology. 


Our DT topic is centred around building shelters, where we will explore what makes an effective, stable structure, and create our own Greek temple from cardboard, white paper and paint. 

Term 6

In Term 6 our topic is diversity and the changing world. In this topic we will be investigating the physical changes that are happening to our planet and how these will affect communities globally and locally over the coming decades. We shall consider how these changes are being caused, both naturally and through human activity and how through human activity we may ease these effects. 


Linking with our geography topic, our class book is titled 'Floodland' which is a dystopian novel set in a near future where Britain is flooded as a result of climate change. We will be writing narrative, non chronological reports and poetry based on this book. 

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