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Our Nursery

Our Nursery

Harbour Nursery has two parts - a Nursery for our youngest learners and a Pre-School for the children getting ready to move to Reception.

Our Nursery is teacher led by Mrs Williams who is a hugely experienced Early Years practitioner, and our provision has been judged outstanding by OFSTED.

We  aim to provide high quality care and education within a safe, happy, interesting, family-oriented environment in which each child is encouraged to develop their full potential whilst having LOTS OF FUN! The children in our care will be encouraged to develop lively, enquiring, imaginative minds, to enjoy learning, and to improve their social and personal life skills.

We place great emphasis on making our Nursery warm, kind and loving, where special care is taken to ensure that each child feels nurtured and cherished.

Following the early years foundation stage curriculum, we aim for all children to see learning as a natural and enjoyable part of their everyday life, to be confident and independent and to express their feelings and their ideas with ease. We believe happy children give of their best and achieve their full potential. We will strive to give both children and parents a delightful, never-to- be-forgotten experience of the precious and unique nursery and pre-school years.

Whilst all the children benefit from a rich daily diet of learning to socialise, personal development and developing their play skills, they also have daily phonics, maths and writing lessons. As you would expect this is a particular focus in our Pre-School.

Children make the most social, emotional, and academic progress when they attend on time, every day. Friendships are more secure when children see each other every day, children's personal development accelerates, and their learning skills and knowledge really benefit from day-on-day building. 

If you receive 15 hours funding for your child, they will attend five mornings every week from 8.45am-11.45am. 

If you receive 30 hours funding for your child, they will attend all day Monday to Thursday from 8.45am-3.15 pm and then on Friday they attend from 8.45am-1.00pm. 

To support progress, good attendance routines and to allow Nursery to continue using the same safeguarding procedures as the rest of the school, we do not offering part-time provision. Our offer is a full-time 15 or 30 hour offer. 

We do not offer our funded sessions to be split between providers.


During this time, your child is supported by the same staff who use this part of your child's day to continue teaching and reinforcing social and emotional skills.

Friday afternoon

If your child is entitled to 30 hour funding, this funding ends at 1.00pm on Friday. You are able to book your child into the additional afternoon session - the cost of this is £12.60.

Home visits

Just as we already do for all our Reception children, we will do home visits for all our Nursery children. Mrs Williams and one of the support staff will do a home visit prior to your child starting at Nursery. This is an opportunity for us to start building a relationship with you and your child, and understand what their likes and dislikes are, their strengths and any concerns you may have.