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Harbour Primary

Nursery Safeguarding and Attendance


We use the same safeguarding principles and processes for our Nursery children as we do for the whole school.

Our children benefit from a safe, secure and welcoming physical environment. When you drop your child off at Nursery, they will always be welcomed by an adult who knows them well. Please pass any messages to us at the gate. If you need a longer discussion with us, please go to the office who will make an appointment with you, as staff need to give their full attention to the children at 8.45am.

As part of our safeguarding curriculum, we talk to your child every day about being safe - how to play safely with each other, how to use equipment safely, developing their safe social skills, and also how to show and tell us they need help. Your child might talk to you about our 'Helping Hands.' These help the children to identify a trusted adult who they want to talk to and share any worries with.

If you have a welfare or safeguarding concern, speak to any member of staff - they are all trained to listen carefully, record your concerns accurately and report it to our team of safeguarding leads.


We expect all our Nursery children to attend all sessions. The only reason for non-attendance is illness. If your child is too ill to attend school, phone our absence line by 8.30am, leaving your name, your child's name and details of their illness. Saying 'they're ill' isn't clear enough.

If your child hasn't attended for three days and we haven't had contact from you, we will do a home visit to see your child. We will also visit you if your child has been absent for five days and you have been letting us know the reason for their absence.