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We seek to empower our staff, learners and their families by providing high quality opportunities for all to use a wide variety of modern technology across all aspects of our school life. ICT is planned for across all areas of the curriculum to support, enrich and extend learning.      From School Aims

At Harbour Primary the use of ICT is central to our vision and ethos and is embedded into our teaching and learning. We regularly invest in new hardware and software resources, for example our Radio Studio (named by the children as 'Red Boat Radio' or RBR for short) is used to support and enrich our speaking and listening activities across the curriculum, and all of our year groups have sets of ipads/laptops to use in class as well as our superb ICT suite which is used for direct Computing teaching.

As a school we have achieved local, national and international recognition for our work in using a variety of ICT devices, software and hardware to extend the learning of our children and have won several prestigious awards (we were the last school to win Becta’s ICT Excellence Award for Primary Schools).

Examples of our ICT use include; using green screen technology to support literacy and topic work, using apple ipad apps to challenge our more able children and to support our children with special educational needs and devising QR codes across the curriculum to aid communication. We enjoy computer coding across the school (an after school 'Code Club' was very popular this year), with the Ofsted inspector who visited our school enjoying the skills shown in this area by our children in Year 1!

The use of modern audio visual technology aids pupils’ learning effectively. For example, pupils in Year 1 gain valuable knowledge and understanding of simple computer programs to help them learn how to devise working ‘apps’ which can be viewed by friends or parents. Older pupils were observed using video technology very effectively which helped to increase their knowledge and understanding within local history-based topic work.  Ofsted 

Each classroom is equipped with an HD Interactive Whiteboard, a touchscreen computer, desktop computers, netbooks, laptops and ipads in trolleys, visualisers, digital cameras and film recorders.  A range of ICT tools and information sources help to support children’s work in all subjects and enables them to develop their research and communication skills. They also explore and compare the different ways ICT is used in and out of school and learn how to use the Internet, email, digital cameras, scanners, recording equipment and a whole range of software.

Researching on netbooks...


Speech and Language group using ipads...