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Achievement and Progress

Data from the end of July 2019 tests and teacher assessments is published below. There is no data available for the end of 2020 and 2021 due to cancellation of all statutory testing by the DFE during the pandemic.

Figures have been rounded to the closest whole number (as you will find on DFE tables)

DFE School Performance tables - click here

EYFS Foundation Stage

2019   Harbour School  National
Good level of Development overall  72%  72%

Average Points Score 

 39  35

As you can see, the percentage of children achieving a good level of development was in line with the national percentage. Average points score rose significantly from 2018 and is above the national figure. This cohort had 66% boys compared with the national figure of 51% and double the percentage of children with special educational needs (16% compared to 8%) We are pleased with the outcomes overall.

PHONICS Year 1 and 2

2019  Harbour School  National
Year 1 Phonic test pass 70%


Year 2 Phonic test pass (over the two years)

90% 91%

Our phonic test pass rates were well below national levels this year in Year 1 which was disappointing. The cohort has 73% boys - well above national figures and double the percentage of SEN than national. Phonics will be a key area for improvement in our school improvement planning for 2019-2021

KEY STAGE 1 SATS (year 2)


 Harbour School Expected +

 National Expected +





75%  69%


 80%  76%


Harbour School Greater Depth

National  Greater Depth


34% 25%


14% 15%


25% 22%

The percentages of children achieving nationally expected standards or above slightly exceeded national averages in all areas at the end of Year 2. These figures show an improvement from 2018. The number of children achieving greater depth in Reading and Maths also exceeded the national figure, although in Writing it was slightly below. The cohort in Year 2 had almost double the percentage of children with SEN than the national average (25% compared with 13%) and a high percentage of disadvantage compared to national figures (School 39% National 18%) We are generally pleased with these results.

 KEY STAGE 2 SATS (Year 6)


 Harbour School Expected +

 National Expected +





78% 78%


73% 79%

Grammar, Puntuation and Spelling

74% 78%

Reading, Writing and Maths Combined 

60% 65%

KS 2 Continued

 Harbour School


Average Reading Scaled Score



 Average Maths Scaled Score

 103  105

Average Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Scaled Score



 Average Progress in Reading

 1.5  0.0

Average progress in Writing 

 0.5  0.0

Average progress in Maths 

 -1.6  0.0

High level of attainment in Reading 

 32% 27% 

High level of attainment in Writing 

 16% 20%

High level of attainment in Maths 

  10%  23.6%

High level of attainment in Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

21% 27%

Key Stage 2 results at nationally expected are slightly below national averages this year, but have risen from 2018. Average points scores in Reading, Greater Depth in Reading and progress in Reading are above national levels and very pleasing results.  In Maths however, there is still a gap between the school and national levels in average points score, Greater Depth and progress. Maths improvements and embedding new practice will be a focus for the 2019-2021 academic years. We are disappointed with our combined score, which we had believed would be higher.

The cohort had double the percentages of children with SEN (32% compared to national figure of 15%) and significantly higher percentages of children from disadvantaged backgrounds (33% compared with 25%)