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Early Number Development

Harbour Primary and Nursery School


Early Number Development in Reception and Number Sense in KS1 Assessment Objectives

At Harbour, we use a fully resourced scheme of work focused entirely on number facts teaching in EYFS, KS1 and year 3. The systematic and structured programme ensures children develop visual models of number, a deep understanding of number and number relationships, and fluency in addition and subtraction facts. The aim is to equip the children with strategies they can use to calculate fluently and efficiently. The strategies the children learn to achieve this are listed on the table below: 

Reception Early Number Development Assessment Objectives

Year 1 Number Sense Stage 3 Assessment


Year 2 Number Sense Stages 4 and

5 Assessment Objectives

Below is the full complement of addition and subtraction fact we teach in our fluency lessons in EYFS, KS1 and year 3.  These essential facts are the equivalent of times tables for addition and subtraction. Just as all multiplication and division calculations use root times table facts, all future addition and subtraction calculations use these root addition and subtraction facts. All grid facts are taught comprehensively on the path to fluency.

Reception Progression Number Sense

Year 1 Progression Number Sense

Year 2 Progression Number Sense

Year 3 Progression Number Sense