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Harbour Primary

Children as Leaders

At Harbour Primary, we recognise that our children are the leaders of the future, and therefore, we provide a range of opportunities for children to develop their leadership skills. Our children’s voices are valued and promoted; they thrive on being responsible, trustworthy and dedicated individuals who want to make a positive contribution to our school life at Harbour.

We are committed to finding ways to empower our children to express their views of their school and be an integral part of its development journey. This enables our pupils to develop as individuals, as well as nurturing the growth of the school community.

We have developed a range of leadership opportunities for our children. For some of our leadership positions, children are elected by their peers through a democratic process. Others require children to apply for the post; this process often requires a written letter of application, giving a presentation and being interviewed.

Leadership Roles at Harbour 23-24

School Council

Our councillors are voted for by their classes after a short presentation. The focus of our School Council is to help make sure the children's voices are heard with regard to the curriculum, the school environment and after school activities.

School councillors play a big part in promoting safeguarding at Harbour. They lead online safety and Anti-Bullying assemblies, as well as promoting discussions about other aspects of safeguarding, such as road safety and air pollution.

Truly Trusted

(Year 6 only)
Being a Truly Trusted at Harbour is a very important role because you have to be an inspirational role model to everybody else. Their duties include representing Harbour at various events, welcoming visitors to the school and showing them around, getting our hall ready for daily assemblies, supporting lunch times, organising lost property and many other important jobs around the school. The Truly Trusted children are appointed for their caring, respectful, hardworking and inspirational qualities. They are ambassadors for the school who promote and display, on a daily basis, the values we uphold.
Reading Ambassadors

A group of passionate Reading Ambassadors, children from KS1 and KS2, inspire reading around the school. They share their enthusiasm for reading with their peers, lead assemblies and are excellent role models to others. Among their roles are: 

  • reading to and with children around the school; 
  • planning for themed days such as World book day; 
  • contributing to the reading newsletter; 
  • considering the views of their year groups when selecting titles for the library and reading stations.  
Our ambassadors make a significant contribution to our aim of ensuring all children discover the life-long enjoyment of reading and books. 
Eco Warriors This is a new role for our children and we will have a brand new group of Eco-Warriors in the new year. Eco Warriors strive to ensure our school and local community is as eco-friendly as possible! They will meet monthly to learn about the world, monitor energy use and come up with new initiatives to help keep our planet happy and engage our community. ​
Librarians We have a dedicated team of librarians who work extremely hard to ensure that our school library is well used. Our trained librarians assist children in selecting books and ensuring this area is kept tidy and well organised.
Play Leaders

At Harbour, the children in Year 5 go through 'Play Leader training'. This is a series of 7 PE lessons held during their afternoon PE slot. During these 7 lessons, the children develop their communication, cooperation and relationship building skills. As well as this, they will learn the rules for a lot of games suitable for our Year 1 and Year 2 children. The Year 5 children also learn how to deliver clear instructions on how to play the games as well as certain adaptations so the games are inclusive for everyone. Essentially the children in Year 5 go through their own PE teacher training! 


Once they have 'Qualified', they then get to submit an application form to the PE Teacher stating why they think they would be a good Play Leader. Those children selected are then given a badge and a Harbour Sports Coat to use when they are on duty. Every break and lunch time play, they will set up games and activities for the Year 1 and Year 2 children. The younger children love to join in with the games the Play Leaders set out! We believe playing games with our Play Leaders helps develop their own social skills and their ability to 'Win Well, Lose Well' (our Harbour PE motto).
Summer Fayre 23-24 Enterprise Project

Children as Leaders at the Summer Fayre 23-24


Children will have a year group stall at the Summer Fayre this year.


Each year group (years 1-6) will plan and produce a business plan which they will pitch to our PTA. They will then be allocated a budget to either create their product or prepare their chosen activity.


Children, with the support of their teachers, will purchase materials or ingredients with which to produce their products. Deciding on prices, calculating profit margins and producing signage to help sell products, as well as collecting customer feedback, will be some of the key skills the children will practise during this project.


Participating in this project will be an excellent opportunity to promote enterprise in children and develop their leadership skills through teamwork and creativity, and it will also ignite some healthy, competitive energy between year groups.